Michael J. Weiss Ph.D.


is the Director of Applied Developmental Analysis (ADA) Therapy, LLC and is a licensed clinical psychologist (Connecticut and Massachusetts) working with families and schools managing developmental differences. He is also an Adjunct Professor in Psychology at Fairfield University where he teaches Sensation & Perception (the physiological bases of how the senses work) and Developmental Psychology.

After receiving his Doctorate in 1986 from Tufts University, Dr. Weiss was a faculty member in the Schools of Medicine at McGill and Harvard Universities and a staff Psychologist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal and the Children’s Hospitals in Montreal and Boston. He has worked for more than 30-years consulting to families and school boards across the United States and eastern Canada.

Dr. Weiss has become an internationally recognized lecturer and author on a variety of topics related to child development and developmental disabilities. He has been a regular participant of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), the International Society of Infant Studies (ISIS) and the International Society For Autism Research (INSAR), among others. Dr. Weiss has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences such as the Annual Meeting of the Autism Society of America and the International Rett Syndrome Association and was an invited speaker to the Vygotsky Lecture Series, University of the Humanities and Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. He was the senior editor of Newborn Attention: Biological Constraints & the Influence of Experience (1991, co-edited with Philip R. Zelazo, Ph.D.) and has published numerous articles, chapters, and abstracts related to infant and child development. His articles have appeared in well known academic journals such as Developmental Psychology, Child Development, Infant Behavior & Development, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the Journal of Cognition & Development, and Clinical Child Psychology, and he is a featured columnist in the magazine Parents Canada. Dr. Weiss has also published a book about managing children’s behavior (with Sheldon Wagner, Ph.D. and Susan Goldberg, M.A.), titled Drawing the Line: Ten Steps to Constructive Discipline and Achieving a Great Relationship with Your Kids (2006, Warner Books Publisher).
Dr. Weiss was also the featured character in the field documentary television show Real Families, which has recently ended its nine-year run on the Life Network and the Discovery Health Network in Canada. During these years the show also aired on the Oxygen Network in the U.S. and a variety of other networks in the UK & Ireland (Discovery Health), Japan (NHK-Cable), Australia (Discovery Health), China, Israel, Belgium, Finland, Portugal & Mexico. Dr. Weiss is also now being featured in the pilot of a new Canada-based television series (currently in production) addressing teenagers’ mental health issues called Kids on the Skids.
His current research activities are aimed at understanding the impact of movement complications in autism and the literacy abilities of individuals with profound communication differences.
Dr. Weiss is available to provide extensive services to families in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and across North America and you can talk to him through this site — MichaelWeissPhD.com — either blogging or setting up a SKYPE discussion together.

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  • Esther Castillo

    Dr. Weiss has been my mentor and role model since the very first day I met him at home, in New Bedford, MA. He was the first one to give me the diagnostic of my four year old son who had no voice and was completely isolated in a world of his own. When I saw the video of Real Families, tears ran through my face just remembering when my Pedrito was also sat on the high chair and my heart was broken. Dr. Weiss walked me through the whole process, trained me to walk my son on the streets, gave me a book of words to help my son to sound words. He was my son’s best advocate and always told the teachers that they needed to challenge my son because there was potential in him. He got for my son, the best out of district, back to district and summer programs. He was such a big inspiration to me that I decided to learn English, go back to school, he led me through the process of getting my B.S. in Psychology, my M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology and I became a strong advocate to 24 families of children with developmental delays who did not speak English, I got my certification as a School Adjustment Counselor, School Social Worker and Guidance Counselor and wrote many IEP’s for children with Special Needs, I became an International Instructor in Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention, training school staff and parents how to handle the bad behavior with a nonviolent approach.
    Today that little boy who was as wild and lost as a jungle boy, is a young man who just graduated from college, who plays piano, is an artist, sings in two CD’s, lived three years indoor in a University and sang in the university choir and in the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas Texas.

    I need to email Pedro J. Acevedo, Jr.’s graduation picture to Dr. Weiss. I know that my case is one more of his real families. Thanks Michael, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I left my phone number in Debbie’s voice mail, my email is ecastillo2321@gmail.com

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