Lecture videos and podcasts

The following powerpoint slides are from the presentations of Dr. Weiss and Mary Elizabeth Parker, PT, MS, NCS, PCS at the American Physical Therapy Association in New Orleans, February 11 & 12, 2011



The following presentation with in collaboration with Ms. Parker, and Matthew F. Moran, Ph.D., & John T. Foley, Ph.D., along with Dr. Weiss


Radio shows and lecture series featuring Dr. Weiss and other experts are being uploaded and will be available soon (come back… they are really worth hearing!)

WNPR — Connecticut Public Radio —  “Where We Live” May 29th, 2008

WNPR Where We Live 05-29-2008

CJAD Radio Montreal with Kevin & Trudy Discussing Autism Spectrum Disorders

CJAD Montreal Kevin & Trudy With_Dr_Michael_Weiss_Part_1_Thu_Apr_17 ’08

CJAD Montreal Kevin & Trudy With_Dr_Michael_Weiss_Part_2_Thu_Apr_17 ’08

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