What We Do

Mother knows best!

Do you have concerns about your child’s development, but nobody seems to be listening to you? Or, does something seem wrong with your child’s school program, but everyone around you is saying “everything is fine.” Are you tired of hearing people say… “all kids are different… they develop at different rates… give it time, he’ll grow out of it…” yet things aren’t changing. Where we come from… “mother knows best!” Maybe its time for you to talk to Dr. Michael Weiss and his colleagues who are listening to what you have to say.



We work with people who struggle with Behavioral concerns; Attention Deficit Disorders (AD/HD); Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); a range of genetic differences; difficulties with communication, socializing with others and not making friends; sensory disorders and “not being comfortable in their skin;” and more.
We promote Behavioral, Developmental and Educational services to help children and adults develop to their highest potential.

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